REVIEW: James Allen’s Petite Pavé Cathedral Setting Looks Amazing


The James Allen Petite Pavé Cathedral is a stunning and sophisticated pavé setting that is perfect for any engagement ring. This setting features a delicate and refined design that is accented with sparkling pavé diamonds, which adds an extra touch of elegance and glamour to your engagement ring.


One of the great things about the Petite Pavé Cathedral is that it pairs well with any diamond cut. Whether you have a round, princess, cushion, emerald, or oval diamond, your center stone will look stunning while being elevated in the nice four prong head. This setting is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of sparkle to their engagement ring without going over the top. One of the strong points of this setting that we love is its ability to showcase your diamond’s beautiful geometry by elevating it and making it visible from all sides, while still providing that extra sparkle from the pavé diamonds.


The Petite Pavé Cathedral setting from James Allen costs $1,230.

In terms of value, this setting is a great choice when compared to other cathedral pavé settings. At only $1,230, it provides the same style and appearance as more expensive settings from James Allen’s collection. Here are two settings that look very similar, but cost a bit more:

Common Prong Setting (0.34 Carat Weight) (#Promo)

Common Prong Setting (0.45 Carat Weight) (#Promo)

We believe the Petite Pavé Cathedral really captures the same look as these more expensive settings, without the extra cost. Here is a video we made comparing both the Petite Pavé Cathedreal and the Common Prong (0.34 Carat Weight).

Different Setting Options

In addition to its stunning design, the James Allen Petite Pavé Cathedral also offers a range of metal options to choose from. This setting is available in 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and platinum, giving you the flexibility to choose the metal that best matches your personal style and taste.

Pave Diamond Specifications

There are a total of 16 pavé diamonds in the band, with an average total carat weight of 0.17. These diamonds have an average color of G-H and an average clarity of VS2-SI1, which means they are high quality and have minimal visible inclusions.

James Allen 25% Off Sale

If you’re considering the Petite Pavé Cathedral for your engagement ring, James Allen runs sales where you can save up to 25% off on engagement ring settings. This means that you can get this setting at a discounted price, making it an even more budget-friendly option. Currently, this setting is on sale for $922, down from its regular price of $1230.

All in all, the James Allen Petite Pavé Cathedral is a beautiful and affordable pave setting that is perfect for any engagement ring. Its versatility and value make it an excellent choice for couples looking to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to their ring, and the potential for discounts through sales can make it even more budget-friendly and appealing option. We highly recommend it and it is one of our favorite settings we have review from James Allen to this day.

REVIEW: James Allen Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Basket Engagement Ring



The James Allen Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Basket Engagement Ring is a truly stunning piece of jewelry. The ring features a delicate lotus basket design, with sparkling pavé diamonds encrusted along the knife-edge band. This creates a look that is both elegant and modern, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a unique and eye-catching engagement ring.


The petals of the basket add a touch of delicacy and intricacy to the overall design, while the pavé diamonds add a touch of glamour and elegance. The pavé diamonds are expertly cut and polished, giving them a dazzling sparkle that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. This ring is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that is sure to impress.


The setting is priced at $1510. However, James Allen often runs promotions where customers can save 25% on their purchase (#Promo), which means that the ring can often be found on sale for $1132. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in purchasing this ring to save some money. Additionally, James Allen offers financing options and free shipping, so it’s easy to get this stunning ring without breaking the bank.

Pavé Diamond Specifications

The setting features 36 round-shaped pavé diamonds. These diamonds have an average total carat weight of 0.28, with an average color of G-H and an average clarity of VS2-SI1. The shape of the diamonds, as well as their color and clarity, contribute to the overall sparkle and brilliance of the ring. The round shape is a classic and popular choice for pavé diamonds, as it allows for maximum light reflection and sparkle. The G-H color range means that the diamonds are near-colorless, with only a slight hint of color that is difficult to detect unless compared to higher color grades. The VS2-SI1 clarity range indicates that the diamonds have very few inclusions that are visible to the naked eye, resulting in a clean and clear appearance.

Ring Specifications

Metal: 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold and Platinum
Width: 2.00-2.30mm
Length: 2.10 inches
Can be set with the following diamonds: Round (0.25 – 6.00), Princess (0.25 – 6.00), Cushion (0.25 – 6.00), Emerald (0.25 – 6.00), Oval (0.25 – 6.00), Radiant (0.25 – 6.00), Asscher (0.25 – 6.00), Marquise (0.25 – 6.00) and Pear (0.25 – 6.00)
Overall, the James Allen Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Basket Engagement Ring is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that would make a stunning engagement ring or addition to any collection. Its beautiful diamonds and intricate design make it a truly special piece, and one that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

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